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Coffered Ceiling: Is it worth it?

The options you have to remodel your home are endless. Sometimes it's a bit challenging trying to figure out which project is worth the investment. We always recommend to start working on the area of your home that is damaged or least functional. Then move onto the cosmetic upgrades. One project we wan't to highlight are coffered ceilings, and whether or not this is an upgrade you want to consider.

One thing to admit – coffered ceilings look pretty cool. They make a home feel more elegant, and make a great statement addition to any room. There is more to it than just aesthetics. Coffered ceilings create the illusion of height, it helps open up a room. They also absorb sound, which keeps noise from being heard in neighboring areas of the house. Probably the most important benefit of coffered ceilings: they add significant value to your home.

Check out one of our recent coffered ceiling projects:

If you are still on the fence on determining if a coffered ceiling project is right for you and worth the investment, consider obtaining a few quotes from different contractors to get an idea how much your project will cost. If you are in northern virginia, give us a call as well. Our verdict on coffered ceilings: yes it is most definitely worth it. Consider putting it on your to-do list.

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