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Understanding Your Roof Installation

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

If you are a homeowner that needs a new roof, it’s important to be familiar with the installation process in order to better understand the quote you have received. If your roof replacement is covered by insurance, it is still good to know the components of a functional roof for your home.

Installing shingles on a roof follows a specific order of steps to ensure a proper installation . The first step is almost always the complete tear off of the old roof until the plywood is exposed. Once visible, the roofing crew will inspect the plywood for damage and replace any sheets if necessary. Then synthetic felt is stapled. Ice and water shield underlayment will usually go around the perimeter of the roof and any areas where vulnerable to water damage.

The shingles are then nailed to the felt along with ridge cap. Vents, drip edges, chimney flashing and pipes are additions that will differ from roof to roof. Installation is always followed up with a thorough cleanup of trash both on the roof and ground.

The amount of time it takes to complete a roof depends on many factors. Size, pitch, plywood damage, crew size and weather conditions are examples of factors that influence how long it may take for a project to be completed. Here is a before and after of a townhouse roof replacement completed by Constantino contracting using the same process just described.




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